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What Does Recess Mean To You?

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

What comes to mind when you think about the word “Recess”? A much-needed break? Queuing up at the school canteen? Eating while joking with friends? A fun time?

Good Memories?

I’m sure many of us that have left school have fond memories of recess during our school days. It was a time for us to hang out with friends from other classes, eat, talk, and play together. It’s not farfetched to say that the common word that would describe most of our answers to the question above is Joy. We have experienced joy during our recess, so during this Season of Giving, why don’t we pass on this same joy from our schooling days to students through Super Sarapan? Super Sarapan is a feeding program that aims to provide a meal at school for B40 students to address food insecurity and to encourage them to stay in school. In 2014, we started Super Sarapan with 40 students from 1 school. Today, we are feeding 1,296 students from 30 schools around both East and West Malaysia! A total of 130,711 meals have been provided in 2022 to these students!

Why Super Sarapan?

"Kadang-kadang, saya cuma makan sekali sahaja dalam sehari (kerana ada Super Sarapan)."

Translation: ”Sometimes, I only get to eat once in a day (because I have Super Sarapan)."

"Kalau tak ada Super Sarapan, saya akan pergi tidur kat perpustakaan pada waktu rehat kerana tak dapat makan.”

Translation: ”If I did not get Super Sarapan, I'll take a nap at the library during recess because I don't get to eat.”

Each year, we've received similar feedback like these from certain pockets of Super Sarapan students. This highlights to us that there exists students in school who face the uncertainty of food insecurity at home. Super Sarapan assures them that they will at least have a meal at school. We believe that no student should go to school hungry. Of course, more than just filling tummies, Super Sarapan also allows students to eat together with the rest of their peers during recess. This, in turn, fosters a sense of belonging and allows them to build friendships and good memories through recess. For 2023, We want to continue to provide Super Sarapan to the students at school, and we cannot do it without you! With only RM80, you can provide a child with a meal at school for a month! Click here to sign up as a monthly donor or find out ways you can donate to Super Sarapan! Do remark that your donation is for Super Sarapan!

Come #SpreadJoyWithGG this Christmas!

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