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Projek Sinar Updates - How Your Funding Has Helped

Contributions from the many Malaysians (corporates, the general public and even our volunteers) have been overwhelming for Projek Sinar. As of yesterday, we have raised over RM430,000, an amount that's enough to cover aid for the 326 families weekly up till 5 May 2020.

One question we get often is "Do you still require funding?" The answer to that is YES. As there is immense uncertainty on the wide-ranging effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the B40 community, we will continue to marshal and deploy the funds to help these vulnerable families get back on their feet post MCO as well.

With the current funds raised, we have prepared a short update to share with you on how we have been utilising these funds and some of the findings we have gathered from the ground.

We will continue to update on the progress of the project and we hope that you will also be encouraged to know how you have helped.

Read about the other updates and stories (1) HERE and (2) HERE.

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