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New Gaps, New Grounds - Impact Report 2021

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

2021 marked the second year of the global struggle against the COVID-19 pandemic. In Malaysia, various stages of the Movement Control Order (MCO), including a total lockdown, were enforced throughout the year. This meant that the low-income community's livelihood continued to be affected and the learning loss experienced by children from those families continued to grow larger.


As we reflected on 2021, these words came to mind. Even as we continued to do what we do best, it was a year where we also filled new gaps that appeared as a result of the pandemic and we stepped into new grounds, both figuratively and geographically, as we explored new approaches to address emerging needs.

With all that said, we are proud to present to you GG's Impact Report for 2021. We hope that this report gives you a glimpse of the impact that our work had in 2021. This was all possible thanks to YOU, our partners, donors, and volunteers.

It is because of your support that we were able to stay true to our mission of empowering and helping vulnerable communities by evolving to meet the emerging needs during the pandemic.

May you be inspired by the stories and impact captured in this report.

To download a PDF copy of our Impact Report and Financial Report for 2021, click here.

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