Keeping Learning Alive Through RMCO

Updated: Apr 28

"Adik sudah bersarapan? (Have you had your breakfast?)" one mentor asked the child on a Saturday morning when the Zoom class began. "Ya, saya bangun awal untuk makan sarapan sebelum kelas (Yes, I woke up earlier to have breakfast before class)," replied the child.

Since the Movement Control Order (MCO) to the current Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) phase, many children had to go through the tough challenge of not being able to go to school; and then now going to school with a new norm in place--not being able to have a tablemate in class or even enjoy a break outside of the classroom during recess.

Socialising as a child is important for them to learn about how the world works and form relationships, just like how our best friend was someone who sat next to us in high school or someone we used to study with. While children have to live with the reality of not having these opportunities to socialise and learn like we once had in school, GG wanted to ensure that other opportuniti