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"Exiting GG's First Community, Why Did We Do It?" - Impact Report 2022

How many meals can you provide at school with more than RM650,000?

Is attendance essential for educational attainment?

What does a 9-Year partnership between a corporation and NGO look like?

Exiting GG's first community, why did we do it?

These were some of the questions we asked ourselves in 2022.

What do you think?

To find out our answers, take a look at our 2022 Impact Report!

As a charity organisation, it is not a guarantee that we're able to carry on every year, as our work of impacting and transforming lives is only possible thanks to public funding. Your unwavering support has enabled our work each year, and 2022 was no different!

Thanks to YOU, our partners, donors, and volunteers, we were able to stay true to our mission of closing the education gap for under-served children by improving LITERACY and NUTRITION. In 2022, GG's key programmes continued to reach new heights and we also closed two significant chapters in GG's history.

Through this report, we want to share with you some of the victories, learnings and key moments in GG for 2022.

You can find our 2022 Impact Report below or here.

Happy reading!

*View the flip book in fullscreen for the best reading experience.

To download a PDF copy of our Impact Report and Financial Report for 2022, click here.

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