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5 Unconventional Christmas Gift Ideas

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

We've all gotten the one gift for Christmas that makes us either scream in glee or smile politely and go "Thank You", while reminding ourselves that it's the thought that counts.

Sometimes the process of buying a gift is scary as well because we want people to like the gift, and so we go with safe gifts like mugs, notebooks, and chocolates. I mean, everyone loves chocolates right?

But if you’re bored and tired of getting your friends and loved ones conventional gifts, here are some unconventional gift ideas for you this Christmas:

#1 - Home Cleaning Services

Gift Suitable For: Mums

Why This Gift: If your mum loves hosting Christmas dinners and celebrations, she will love this! You can offer to pay for house cleaning services so that she doesn't have to stress about cleaning up and enjoy the Christmas celebrations. Better still if you'd like to DIY for no charge!

Bonus Point: You get a clean and comfy house for the New Year!

#2 - Movie Tickets

Gift Suitable For: Dads, Brothers, Boyfriends, Husbands Why This Gift: Star Wars Rogue One is coming out soon (15 December 2016) and the excitement is already looming for fans. So buy those movie tickets early to get some really good seats.

Bonus Point: You get to watch Donnie Yen in it!

#3 - Classes & Workshops

Gift Suitable For: Friends who want to pick up a new hobby

Why This Gift: There are so many classes & workshops out where your friends can pick up a new skill. Here are some we found to be pretty interesting Calligraphy & Painting - Stickerrific Store Handmade Craft - Kocent Malaysia

Bonus Point: You get to ask your friend to teach you what they've learnt and maybe even get some handmade stuff from them in the future.

#4 - Fishing Trip

Gift Suitable For: Friends who love the outdoors

Why This Gift: There are actually loads to do in and around the Klang Valley and one of them is fishing. While there's no guarantee you'll catch one successfully, there's a lot of fun in casting your own line then reeling in the catch!

Bonus Point: If they get a good catch then maybe they'll call for a dinner and invite you over to have some fresh fish.

#5 - Gift to Help A Child in Need

Gift Suitable For: Friends who love something meaningful

Why This Gift: Often times we don't need a lot of the gifts we get for Christmas and really it's the thought that counts. You can buy a gift and give it to your friend, knowing that this gift will not sit in a cupboard or go to waste. This is one way to make Christmas meaningful. Learn more at

Bonus Point: An under-served child will be able to get what they need in order to help them stay in school--whether it's food for their stomachs, shoes for their feet, bags for their back or uniforms for their body.

Happy shopping and have a wonderful Christmas!

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