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SiberKIDZ Video

This programme sets out to encourage children aged 10 - 12 years old to be responsible and positive digital users. This programme incorporates Google’s Be Internet Awesome module in partnership with Google. 

Episode 1

Kakak Joy from Generasi Gemilang (GG) will be sharing a few internet safety tips for children on How To Be Wise online. If you want to know more on what can and can't be shared online, let's watch.

Episode 3

Want to know how to use the internet in safe and kind ways? Kakak Joy will be sharing tips for children to spread love, not hate online.

Episode 5

Explore 3 ways you can be a responsible user with Kakak Joy, so that we can create safe and healthy online environment for everyone!

Episode 7

Together with Kakak Joy, learn how you and your friends can navigate the online world with confidence and be Internet awesome. 

Episode 2

Learn how to protect yourself with Kakak Joy, as she shares a few internet safety tips for children to be alert online at all times. 

Episode 4

Come catch Episode 4 with Kakak Joy as she shares tips on how to be brave online.

Episode 6

What are some of your skills and talents that you can share to the world? And do you know that you can inspire and encourage others with your skills and talents? Join Kakak Joy as she shares on how to be confident in yourself and spread positivity in the internet world.

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