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Job Description

Program Lead,
Community Learning Programs

Help bring education opportunities to children from vulnerable communities and see them improve in their learning.

This junior role reports to the Manager of Community Learning Programs

Main Responsibilities

  1. Formulate education strategies and syllabuses for primary and secondary students in the schools, communities or children homes in order for them to improve in their academic performances.

  2. Conduct and manage learning sessions as needed according to agreed strategies and carry them out according to the curriculum.

  3. Prepare and assess necessary assignments related to the learning sessions.

  4. Track and monitor students’ progress and development as well as perform basic administration related to keeping students’ attendance and progress records. Adapt and modify the teaching curriculum according to the needs of the students.

  5. Coordinate and project-manage programs to achieve desired goals.

  6. Inspire, motivate and help train volunteer teachers (or learning mentors), to carry out the education programs effectively over the long run.

  7. Assist in building good rapport and developing strong relationships with existing or potential education institutions / colleges / universities, corporate partners, other NGOs or government agencies and communities.


Must be passionate for GG’s vision and mission and loves to work with children from vulnerable communities.

  • Relevant teaching certification, e.g. B.Ed, Dip. Ed. and teaching experience would be an added advantage.

  • Strong communication skills, both written and spoken. Able to converse in other languages, e.g. Tamil / Mandarin is a plus.

  • Able to prepare and conduct sessions for English Language / Mathematics / Bahasa Malaysia subjects.

  • Strong organizational and administrative skills. Able to confidently use Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

Traits We Are Looking For

Let us know if you think the following describes you!

You Have a Passion
for Education

You are an Educator and it is your dream to see education in Malaysia be one the nation is proud of. You believe in the next-generation and want to effect positive change in their lives.

You Are Diligent

You know what it means to persevere and not ‘give-up’. You see things through and are relentless to ensure your students are learning. You are matured and able to encourage others that hard work truly pays.

You Collaborate

You understand that it ‘takes a village to raise a child’ and look forward to synergizing with others across departments and environments. You take pride in collective effort and championing GG’s vision and mission together with volunteers, schools, institutions, clients and partners.

You Are A Team Player

You are happy towork independently but also enjoy being an active part of a team. People enjoy working with you because of your positivity and commitment to excellence –no matter how big or small the task.
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