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The Value of RM3

Without realizing it, 5 years has passed since the inception of Super Sarapan, a feeding program where Yayasan Generasi Gemilang partners with school canteens to provide a meal in school for children from under-served families.

A few students who have been receiving Super Sarapan for 5 years initiated this heartwarming letter to our team. It reminded us of the importance of providing consistent & continuous support to the children that we serve.

Beyond Filled Tummies

RM3 does not only provide a meal for the children to fill their tummies, but its value goes even further in impacting the life of a child in school. Here are the findings of our team based on the feedback from students & teachers.

Some of food served in Super

Sarapan from the different

school canteens.

Bonding Over A Meal

As Malaysians, we are well aware that a meal is rarely a solitary event, more so in a school setting. It is not only important in providing nutrition, but it is also a time where children sit together to socialize. It is a perfect opportune moment for students to pick up social skills and it also aids in their emotional development.

A school counsellor shared that through Super Sarapan, she noticed that the students we served were able to eat together with the rest of their peers during recess, instead of looking in from the sidelines or remaining in their classrooms alone. This in turn, fosters a sense of belongingness and motivates the students to continue to come to school, as they are able to interact with their peers more and build friendships through their meal times.

"I know that there's at least a meal waiting for me in school if I come" - Amirah, Super Sarapan Recipient

A school counselor said that Amirah* comes from a broken family. Because of that, she could not attend school at times. Through Super Sarapan, she said that despite the many uncertainties in her life, she is assured that there is always breakfast waiting for her at school. This has given her a sense of certainty & stability in her life.

It warms her heart to know that there are people out there who care about her wellbeing, and this gives her hope to continue to pursue her studies.

We Couldn’t Have Done It Without You

With just RM3 per child per school day, a total of 64,517 meals has been provided to the students in 2018! From a humble beginning of feeding 40 students in just 1 school in 2014, we have gone on to impact 20 schools around the Klang Valley & in Sarawak to nourish 754 students throughout the academic year of 2018. All of this is only possible with the generous support of our individual donors & corporate partners.

A Growing Need

Aside from warm meals, our team has also discovered that there is also a growing need for other necessities such as uniforms and glasses among the under-served children. With that, we are establishing a Basic Needs Fund.

Effective 15 May 2019, all contributions for food, uniforms or vision correction provisions to under-served children will be pooled together to allow us to ensure each child receives the provision they need for the year.

In 2019, we aim to…

Will You be Our Superhero?

Not all superheroes wear capes. Some feed, some clothes, and others give vision and clarity to the under-served students.


To find out more about how you can give to the Basic Needs Fund, click here.

Our appreciation goes to our generous individual donors and corporate partners - CIMB Foundation, EP Plus Group, Hong Leong Islamic Bank, Rhombus Connexion and Shell for enabling us to make an impact to those in need in 2018.

*names have been changed to protect the identity of the children.

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