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The Big Pursuit – Impact Report 2023

We are proud to present you our Impact Report for 2023 titled The Big Pursuit!

In this big update, you’ll catch a glimpse of our successes, challenges, learnings, and more importantly, lives transformed in the year 2023.

How we did in 2023, is a celebration of how YOU, our partners, donors, and volunteers, joined our Big Pursuit in transforming lives. Your support allowed us to push through a rough start in early 2023 and end the year stronger than we’ve ever been.

Curious to read the details? Here’s our 2023 Impact Report!

We hope that through this impact report, you are encouraged that every part, big or small can make a difference and we invite you to join us again as we continue our big pursuit this 2024.

Leave a comment if you enjoyed reading the impact report or if you have any feedback!

For our 2023 Financial Report and reports from other years, click here.

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