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Super Sarapan - A year in review

SUPER SARAPAN provides daily breakfast for students from under-served (low-income) families everyday for an entire school year.

You can read about how it all began here.

We're passionate about our next generation doing well at school.

Because of that, we want to ensure that they have their basic needs met (at least one meal at school) to support their access to education.

According to the Breakfast for Learning in Canada, providing breakfast for students have direct impact on their behavior and success in school.

Their study reports 98% of students cultivate healthier eating habits and 88% improve in classroom behavior.

It's our aim through Super Sarapan to develop a relevant program that helps students improve not only their school attendance, but contentration in class and school performance.

Great Need

We discovered from our preliminary survey at public schools in Klang Valley after the success of our pilot in SMK Tropicana, that there are many students who are coming to school with empty stomachs.

Although other feeding programs exist, most of them happen only periodically, for festive seasons, events or over a limited time frame with help of Persatuan Ibu Bapa dan Guru (PIBG) or concerned teachers who self-fund for students.

Khazanah Research Institute State of Households Report 2016 raises a concerning trend that low-income households (and therefore their children) no longer have access to proper or sufficient nutrition:

It states that "a nutritionally adequate diet is beyond the reach of many Malaysians, and unaffordable for households with incomes near the poverty line, particularly in urban areas and taking other living expenses into account."

As low-income families struggle to make ends meet, nutrition of their children no longer become a priority.

Super Sarapan aims to lessen these families' burdens about having to worry about their children going to school hungry.

2016 in Review

We fed 560 students every day of the school year in 2016 not only in Klang Valley but in Sarawak as well. 12 schools in the Klang Valley and 2 schools in Sarawak.

We also see that there is a growing demand and request for additional students, hence the growing need of the schools.

Our beneficiaries share

"Thank you so much, our school does have a “kebajikan” (charity) program, where our parent-teacher association self-funds to provide food for the poor students with the cost rm1 only. Now with Super Sarapan, the students can have more variety of food and full stomach before class.” - School Counsellor, SMK (P) Taman Petaling

"I noticed a student’s attendance has improved and asked him why, he said “kerena ada makanan di sekolah (because there is food in school)” - School Counsellor, school in Miri, Sarawak

"I noticed the change of the attitude of the students, some of them showed their gratefulness by doing their homework and being obedient to teachers. Super Sarapan tells them that they are specially selected and that we see the potential in them." - Teacher, SMK Puchong Jaya (B)

"A student who is always late for class now comes early to school because he does not want to miss breakfast" - School Counsellor, SMK Tropicana "You are amazing providing free breakfast everyday for the students. Usually it lasts only for festive seasons. In my 5-years with the school, this is the first time I've encountered such dedication and generosity!" - Canteen Operator, SMK Bandar Utama Damansara 2

Students are grateful for the program

A student had no transport to attend school because her father’s taxi broke down and her family didn’t have money to repair it. But after she found out she was selected for Super Sarapan, her mother actually walked her to school every day so that she could have food to eat.

Another student shares that she's grateful for the provision of Super Sarapan, because now she is able to save her pocket money for her future. Yet another personally thanked our staff for caring enough about their well-being to offer them free breakfast every day.

Looking Ahead to 2017 We see a great need for Super Sarapan to scale up to reach more students across Malaysia. Our aim is to grow to 700 students both in Klang Valley and Miri.

We also plan to improve our impact measurement so that we can continue to refine Super Sarapan to something that truly meets the needs of the students we serve.

Through this we hope to continue supporting under-served children's access to quality education. So that they can have hope for a better future.

We welcome you to partner with us to invest in our children's future next year.

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