Stress Among Youth Is Real

Updated: Aug 11

The ongoing lockdown has been difficult for everyone. People are tired and emotionally drained, businesses are closing down, and we see white flags raised in desperation as a cry for help. The youths in high school and university are starting to break down as well.

If you're wondering how the youth are affected when they don't seem to have anything to worry about; the reality is quite the opposite. According to The Star, police reports show that 1 in 4 of 266 suicide cases recorded from March 18 and Oct 30 2020 was committed by teenagers aged between 15 and 18. Among the reasons cited were debt issues, family and marriage problems, relationship breakdowns and work pressures.

To understand this growing problem better, I decided to talk to a group of youths ranging from high school to college students, to understand their thoughts on what we are seeing in stats and numbers.


1. Studies

Many answered studies as one of the main causes for their stress. During this lockdown period, online learning has been a struggle. The youth find it ineffective, and realise they have to make up for it by doubling up on their efforts to study. For Jess* who will be sitting for SPM this year, she is already