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Projek Sinar Report - Phase 1

Updated: May 25, 2021

In a world that is constantly changing, the overwhelming needs of the low-income families remain the same. Due to the Covid-19 crisis, these groups of people were greatly affected. Hence, we launched Projek Sinar so that no one gets left behind.

For the first phase of Projek Sinar, we had a modest goal to raise RM30,000 to provide 150 families from low-income communities we serve with RM100 worth of food supplies and urgent necessities per week for 2 weeks, but the MCO was extended and so we continued to help. As of July 3, 2020 a total of RM814,324.35 was raised, which enabled us to sustain 504 families throughout the past 3 months. It was beyond what we ever imagined we could do, but it was only possible because of the generosity of those who gave. By collaborating with other NGOs and working with local leadership, it also allowed more vulnerable families to receive much needed aid during this challenging time.

Through Projek Sinar Phase 1, we've learned that:- 

Individuals & Organizations Are More Willing to Give In Response to Covid-19 There is no doubt that many are experiencing financial  difficulties due to the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. However, this harsh reality didn't stop people from contributing; instead, people felt a responsibility to give, knowing that there are people who are facing even tougher challenges. While there is much work to be done, with each passing week and month, individuals and organizations were recognizing the need to prioritize giving back to the community.  Here were 3 indicators which assured us that people were more helpful than ever before: 

  1. Big and small organizations fundraised and donated a portion of their sales

  2. ​The number of individual donors increased

  3. Volunteers invested more of their time to help call our beneficiaries

The Pandemic Broke Down Walls & United Malaysians Like Never Before There is absolutely no shortage of ways to get involved, and we are so proud of how Malaysians are coming together to help the less fortunate to ease the effect of COVID-19 pandemic. The outpouring of support sparked by this pandemic has been phenomenal. The entire country was able to put our differences aside and pool resources, showing acts of humanity, inspiring hope for a better future. There is always light to be found in the dark if we all care to look for it!

As we move into the second phase of Projek Sinar, we are changing and implementing new ways of meeting the needs of our beneficiaries. We must help them restart and rebuild for the sake of their future. Looking back, everything we experienced and encountered has prepared us to move forward. We needed to unlearn and relearn the needs of our beneficiaries to help them effectively. Projek Sinar Phase 1 has shown how Malaysians united as one to help low-income families; hence, we are upbeat that that same desire to help will continue in Phase 2! 

Read Projek Sinar Phase 1 Full Report here:

*With the closure of Phase 1, any funds received after 3 July 2020 with Covid-19 as the description will be channeled to support the work of increasing access to quality education.

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