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The Best Gift This Christmas

Updated: May 11, 2021

Can you believe that we’re exactly 29 days away from Christmas? We hope you are as excited because despite the pandemic, it is still one of our all time favourite celebrations throughout the year.

As we stay home and plan for a quiet & safe celebration, why not also plan for how you can bring joy to others?

This year, Generasi Gemilang is launching an "Uplifting Christmas" campaign, where you get to have an enjoyable Christmas while also helping children from low-income families receive basic needs for 2021.

Come join us on our mission to bring the cheer and happiness into the lives of others! Here's how:


*All workshops will be happening via ZOOM*

Want to enjoy learning something new? Sign up for our Christmas workshops! From baking, to creative designing and financial investment, we have a variety for you to choose from. Check out the workshops available and donate to reserve your seat at the end of this post.

Session 1 - Touching The World, One Haircut At A Time

From founding his first barbershop and today building businesses with a strong focus on serving the community, the founder of OTHRS Barber--Lex Low is successfully impacting the lives of the people around him through barbering and education. Join him in this workshop and hear how his business has become a vehicle for transformation in empowering others to grow in the barber industry.

Date: 5 December 2020 (Saturday) Time: 10AM - 11AM This workshop is suitable for: Anyone who's thinking about inserting a social impact element into their small businesses and have a heart for social good.

Session 1A - Self-Compassion: You Can Rest & Still Be Strong

We are often expected to bring our A-game and always be the best. Even though it's tough, we still chase after that ideal goal and end up being burn out because we become our own biggest critics. In this workshop, registered & licensed counselor, Lynette Chai will be sharing on the importance of self-care and how to apply it to our lives amidst the many roles we carry.

Date: 5 December 2020 (Saturday) Time: 3PM - 4PM This workshop is suitable for: Anyone who wants to learn how to turn self-criticism to self-compassion.

Session 2 - Christmas Doodling With Yi Qing

Even though Christmas this year will be different due to the pandemic, we can still connect with our loved ones by sending them gifts! Join Yi Qing, an illustrator & designer in this fun-filled doodling session that helps you learn how to create customized Christmas cards using simple tools like pens & highlighters.

Date: 12 December 2020 (Saturday) Time: 10AM - 11AM This workshop is suitable for: Anyone who is interested in doodling, crafts and DIY.

Session 2A - Strength Training

Join Kevin, the founder of Movement Dynamics, for a 60-minute training session focusing on using bodyweight workouts to build strength! The class is slow paced and suitable for beginners, but it also guarantees to leave you feeling the burn!

Date: 12 December 2020 (Saturday) Time: 3PM - 4PM This workshop is suitable for: Anyone who wants to do simple home workouts throughout the Christmas period.

Session 3 - The Stock Market Made Simple

Ever wondered how to invest or read the stock market? Join Richard, a youth financial education trainer & active investor where he will be sharing the basics of what a stock is and how the stock market works. This workshop will also teach you what indicators to look out for when finding a 'Winning' Company to invest in.

Date: 19 December 2020 (Saturday) Time: 10AM - 11.30AM This workshop is suitable for: Young people who are looking to diversify their income through stock market investment.

Session 3A - Christmas Chocolate Cupcake Bake-Along

Interested to try your hand in baking but haven't had the chance to do so? Take this chance to sign up for the bake-along workshop with experienced home baker & Generasi Gemilang staff, Jaycee! We will be making chocolate cupcakes with yogurt and white chocolate frosting, topped with a festive Christmas tree to celebrate the season. The recipe has been curated to make sure it isn't too sweet and is simple enough to make at home too!

Date: 19 December 2020 (Saturday) Time: 3PM - 4.30PM This workshop is suitable for: Anyone who needs a simple recipe to wow friends and family for Christmas.

Session 4 - How to Make the Most of the Pandemic: Turning Failures into Opportunities

Armed with his passion for food and spirit for entrepreneurial adventure; Abdul Hanif, who lost his job due the COVID-19 pandemic was able to find an opportunity to start a home food business, Periuk Bujang. Join this workshop and hear how Hanif was able to tap into his roots of helping his mother sell nasi lemak on the roadside, to utilising the power of social media & word of mouth in order to help his business take flight and become sustainable.

Date: 20 December 2020 (Sunday) Time: 10AM - 11AM This workshop is suitable for: Anyone who is looking to start a home business and wants to explore different ways to help it become sustainable.

Session 4A - Create Your Own Christmas Wallpaper

Everyone can design with the tools at hand. With only 5 simple steps, Li Hui, an art director cum graphic designer can guide you in creating and also understanding what are the important elements to look for when it comes to visual artwork. Come train your eye for design and put together a Christmas wallpaper that you can be proud of!

Date: 20 December 2020 (Sunday) Time: 3PM - 4PM This workshop is suitable for: Anyone who wants to learn tips and tricks to making a good design.

*Tax exemption receipt is available upon request.*


If you are unavailable to attend classes, fret not! You can always opt to just donate here to help a child in need. And with a donation of RM50 and above, you will be entitled to get a complimentary Lilin+Co. scented candle.

*Kindly state in the remark column 'Christmas 2020' and tax exemption receipt is available upon request.*

As simple as that!

This is for a limited time only, so get it while stocks last!

In times like this, giving is important to ensure our communities are remembered and cared for. Whether it is monetary, a physical gift or your own presence, a little gift goes a long way. No amount is too big or too small, and it will be an impactful change for the vulnerable children and families in our community.

Tis' the season to love with a reason. So let's uplift someone this Christmas!

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