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A Spectacle to Behold

Imagine if you couldn't read this sentence No matter how hard you strained The words simply would not form Your eyes remain untrained

Your teachers think you're slow And lack a span of attention But really you're just in need Of a slight visual correction

You see, every single day Students go to school Without clear vision Which is really quite cruel

This may lead to students Being expelled or suspended It's an eye-opening problem Pun intended.

Hope for the hopeless, Could it be? Or are my eyes simply Playing tricks on me.

Yayasan Generasi Gemilang In partnership with Vision Space Bring hope to the hopeless In this form of grace

Free vision for the needy That is our aim Bringing sight back into classrooms through each spectacle frame

So now you may ask, What is it I can do? Good question dear reader, Let me tell you

If you have pre-loved spectacle frames That you don't need anymore You could drop by our office And we'll meet you at the door

When you bless someone with vision, Their eyes will see clearly But what you can see Is how they'll appreciate you dearly.


Editor's Note:

Richard was inspired to pen this poem after visiting schools across the Klang Valley together with our partner, Vision Space Optometrist, to personally carry out vision checks for school children from low-income families who cannot afford spectacles. There are many children that aren't able to see what is being taught in class, because of a simple and solvable issue. Here's how we're solving it and how you can join us.

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