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5 Things I Learned From Being A Coordinator

Written by: Alex Wong

Being hired as a coordinator for Duit Right's Activator Program was like being a new driver. At first, I wasn’t confident about it so I kicked things off at a slow pace. Despite being careful I still fell into potholes. Eventually, I got used to driving and knew the roads like the back of my hand. That was when I realised I truly really enjoyed the whole experience. Here are 5 things I have learnt throughout this journey.

#1 You Will Make Mistakes

I remember there was once I left the interior light of the van switched on over the weekend. Bad move, because when Monday came and I had to drive the van to school, the van wouldn’t start and this was early 6-ish in the morning. Immediately, I called for help from both the core team and the activation team. One of the team members detoured to the store so I could load the equipment into her vehicle and another core team member came to help bring the van to the workshop while I hopped into my car and drove to the school to run the program. Of course, I never made that same mistake again.

#2 Trust Is Important

As if that wasn’t challenging enough, another incident happened. As I was about to drive the van out to school for a session, after reversing, the garage shutter door got stuck and wouldn’t close! Since I was in a rush, I had to inform and trust the core team to help resolve the issue. When I came back, the shutter worked perfectly. It was through such incidences that I knew the team really had my back!

#3 Things Don't Always Go As Planned

As a coordinator, my job was to plan but things don't always go according to plan. Throughout the 2 months, we had to overcome various changes & challenges, like having up to 4 sessions of Duit Right back to back in one day; running this 120 minutes program in half the time needed; having students almost double the size of a typical 10 per group, etc. So changes will happen, but we just have to be ready for it.

#4 Passion Unites Us

For me personally, it was very encouraging to be able to sweat it out and serve the community with this group of amazing people. Coming from different backgrounds & lifestyles, the thing that brought us together was a common goal of wanting to educate and speak life into secondary school students in not just financial education, but their life goals. It brings me so much joy and affirms me that there is hope for unity in Malaysia.

#5 Rewards Come In Various Forms

With only a short period of time to run the program, we put in our best efforts and in the end we managed to reach out to over 3000 students in just 2 months! Besides hitting our KPIs and getting paid for our work, I gained a group of close-knit friends who look out for, encourage and uplift not just me, but one another. I guess rewards often do come in unexpected forms.


Join the Duit Right Activator Program as a Coordinator (like Alex); Coach or even a Connector and gain some rewarding experiences. We're recruiting a team of passionate Malaysians who want to educate the youth and inspire them to be better with their money. Submit your Cover Letter along with your resume by 27 September 2017 to

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