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Job Description




Reports to the Section Head of Partnerships, Special Projects

Bring financial protection & education to vulnerable families through PRUkasih.

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PRUkasih is a free protection plan that provides temporary financial relief to urban low income families to help them cope with sudden loss of income due to illness, accident or death. It is part of Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad’s CSR program which was piloted in 2011.

Main Responsibilities

Primarily responsible for managing the distributors and paid volunteers within the communities that PRUkasih covers to ensure all initiatives are run efficiently and demonstrates impact.

  • Event management and recruitment activities to be conducted timely and effectively.

  • Measure, evaluate and find ways to improve the quality of PRUkasih in meeting the needs of families protected.

  • Build strong relationships with community representatives, NGO’s, volunteers, partners and government bodies.

  • Identify, train and develop volunteer champions for PRUkasih programs.

  • Develop and run adult Financial Education across all PRUkasih communities.

  • Continually refine system structures and processes while ensuring best practices and good governance of all resources.

  • Prepare and present progress reports for stakeholder engagement.


  • Degree or Diploma holder preferably in Finance, Accounting or Economics.

  • Minimum 2 years working experience preferably in a financial institution or related industries.

  • Strong communication skills, both written and spoken. Preferably able to speak Bahasa Malaysia and/or Mandarin.

  • Able to confidently use Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

  • Possess own transport and willing to travel as needed.

Traits We Are Looking For

Let us know if you think the following describes you!

You Are Compassionate

You have a big heart for underserved families and communities. You want to see families thrive and overcome setbacks with resilience.

You Enjoy Improving Processes

You enjoy making things work efficiently and effectively in order to respond to the needs of our clients quickly. You are able to create and follow standard operating procedures and do not find them restricting.

You 'Get' Data

You’re not afraid of reports, score cards and statistics. You are willing to wrestle with numbers and present them well. You get that having good data can help track growth, evaluate progress and identify impact.

You Are A Team Player

You are happy to work independently but also enjoy being an active part of a team. People enjoy working with you because of your positivity and commitment to excellence – no matter how big or small the task.

You Get Things Done

You are able to multitask and you don’t have a problem getting your hands dirty. You follow through on every task and understand the importance of keeping time and budget. You are creative, resourceful and dedicated to see things to completion.
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