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Job Description


This junior role reports to the
Manager of Partnerships & Communications

Develop Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives meaningfully through collaboration between public and private sectors

Main Responsibilities

  1. To be an effective ambassador for GG for corporate partners and stakeholders. Assist in formulating and designing customized partnership programs to create a win-win solution for GG and our partners or alliances.

  2. To monitor implementation and impact of partnership programs. Assist in proposing solutions for program improvement when necessary.

  3. Develop, manage and build strong relationships with existing or potential corporate partners, other NGOs or government agencies.

  4. Organize and manage relevant events, campaigns, fund-raising, and resource mobilization activitiestogether with partners or alliances.

  5. Prepare necessary status and progress reports.


Must be passionate for GG’s vision and mission and love the work nature especially dealing with the community, schools, parents, government and corporate partners.

  • Degree holder with minimum 2 years working experience.
    Experience in business development and communities is a plus.

  • Possess interest in the corporate social responsibility (CSR) landscape, business development strategies and operational improvement.

  • High energy and mature, with ability to handle communications at both the strategic and tactical levels.

  • Pro-actively seek and initiate solutions where necessary.

  • Open to embracing changes in strategies or processes in an
    ever-changing CSR landscape.

  • Strong organizational and administrative skills, proficient in
    Microsoft Office Apps.

  • Strong communication skills, both written and spoken. Able to write and speak in BM.

Traits We Are Looking For

Let us know if you think the following describes you!

You Are A Team Player

You are happy to work independently but also enjoy being an active part of a team. People enjoy working with you because of your positivity and commitment to excellence –no matter how big or small the task.

You Love Data

You’re not afraid of reports, score cards and statistics. You are willing to wrestle with numbers, understand the full picture and present them well. You get that having good data can help track growth, evaluate progress and identify impact.

You Get Things Done

You are able to multitask and you don’t have a problem getting your hands dirty. You follow through on every task and understand the importance of keeping time and budget. You are creative, resourceful and dedicated to see things to completion.

You Enjoy Innovating and Improving Processes

You enjoy making things work efficiently and effectively in order to respond to the needs of our clients quickly. You are able to innovate processes and follow them without finding it restrictive.
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