Family Services (FS)

Equipping families with skills and values to thrive and be resilient financially, emotionally & socially.

Children Services (CS)

Enriching & educating children to love, respect and care for themselves and others.

Education Services (ES)

Mentoring students in the community to improve in their studies, giving them hope for a better future.

Youth Services (YS)

Nurturing young examplary leaders through character development and mentorship; helping them understand the impact of their choices in life


PRUkasih is a plan that provides a temporary financial relief to the urban poor coping with a sudden or unexpected loss of income arising from: illness, accident or death.

Family Support

Providing families from the communities we work with support & access to resources in areas of need such as: employment, finance & debt management, healthcare, counselling, parenting in order to help them build stability for their children.


Sponsored by Google, this program mentors children to be positive digital users by raising awareness on being wise, being alert and being kind online. Children can also learn more through Google's Interland interactive website.

Karnival Cha-Ching

Karnival Cha-Ching aims to introduce money management concepts to primary school students aged between 9 – 12. It is designed to provide opportunities for students to learn four concepts of money management; Earn, Save, Spend & Donate. The program was also awarded the 'Best Financial Education & Awareness' award by Bank Negara Malaysia in 2017.

Mustard Seeds

The program aims to give shelter home babies more love, care and attention by helping the caregivers in their daily tasks so that they are able to spend more time caring for the babies.

Taska 3

This program aims to help 3 years old toddlers from shelter homes improved in sensorial purposeful play and develop positive human


A program that mentors 7 year olds to help them grow in their identity, personality and competency so that they become role models to their peers & family members.


A program that provides a safe & comfortable space for children to enjoy & learn English through reading. CRP aims to promote reading & English Literacy among primary school children in the community via a 1-to-1 mentoring process to improve their confidence and ability to converse in English


LINUS is an academic based, BM literacy program that helps children aged 7 – 12 from a children’s home build their foundational literacy.


LIT (Learning through Individualised Teaching) is an academic guidance programme for primary and secondary students providing academic guidance to students who struggle academically or desire to improve their grades.

Next Gen XLR8

Next Gen XLR8 equips under-served youth with Microsoft Office skills to improve their employability while inculcating positive character values in them. They grow in confidence and purpose as they learn practical skills like resume writing, presentation & budgeting.

Super Sarapan

Super Sarapan is a program where we work with schools to provide breakfast for students who come from low income families. We believe that by filling their empty stomachs in the morning, it will help kick start their brain and help them do better in school.


RISE is a program committed to mentor young people through our character development & leadership sessions so that they are steered to make the right choices in life.

Duit Right

Duit Right is a financial literacy program uniquely designed for youth, introducing four money management concepts: Earn, Save, Spend and Donate. It aims to empower youth to make positive financial decisions by helping them understand good money management habits. The program was also awarded the 'Best Financial Education & Awareness' award by Bank Negara Malaysia in 2017.


Glow is a program that aims to mentor participants to grow into confident young women with a sense of self-worth, identity and purpose.


REAL is a program for teenage boys that aims to mentor participants to grow into strong, responsible & resilient young men.

CLUTCH (Changing Lives Using Truth, Character & Hope)

CLUTCH is a program targeted at students and youth. It helps them understand how they can be shaped by developments in the cyber world and discuss topics including cyber bullying, social networking, gaming and pornography. The program is designed to encourage youth to be responsible users and challenge them to be a positive influence online and offline.

MIGO (Mentoring the Internet Generation Online and Offline)

MiGO2 is a program that builds awareness in both parents and children. It aims to bridge the digital divide between parents and children by helping them understand the ABCs of the Internet today relating to social networking and gaming.