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Job Description


This junior role reports to the Operations Director

Join a power-packed lean team that supports the entire not-for-profit's finance and operations task.

Main Responsibilities

  1. Manage payments and claims using ABSS accounting software (previously known as MYOB).

  2. Process donations, grants, and funds for the entire organization and provide receipts to donors, corporate partners and funders.

  3. Support and track fundraising efforts and assist in reporting of funds raised for the organization.

  4. Perform regular month-end bank reconciliation and assist in yearly audit activities.

  5. Manage the office’s utilities, maintenance of assets, and renewal of business license and agreements to ensure the organization can operate on a daily basis

  6. Provide administrative support to various departments, from room bookings to setting up of office events and scheduling of organization-wide meetings.


Must be passionate for GG’s vision and mission and love the work nature especially dealing with the community, schools, parents, government and corporate partners.

  • Minimum Admin or Accounting diploma. Relevant working experience is an added advantage

  • Has good interpersonal skills and able to communicate well, both in writing and speaking, in English and Bahasa Melayu

  • Able to work independently, organized and follows through with work given

  • Familiar with Microsoft Office Excel, Word, and Power Point

  • Possess own transport

Traits We Are Looking For

Let us know if you think the following describes you!

You Are Good With Details

You are careful and meticulous with things entrusted to you. You spot discrepancies and enjoy the feeling of getting it right, making it your goal to fix errors and set things straight.

You Get Things Done

You are able to multitask and you don’t have a problem getting your hands dirty. You follow through on every task, no matter how big or small. You understand the importance of keeping on schedule and within budget. You take initiative on projects from the start and know how to bring people together and get things done.

You Enjoy Improving Processes

You enjoy making things work efficiently and effectively in order to respond to the needs of our clients quickly. You are able to create and follow standard operating procedures and do not find them restricting

You 'Get' Data

You’re not afraid of reports, score cards and statistics. You are willing to wrestle with numbers and present them well. You get that having good data can help track growth, evaluate progress and identify impact.

You Are A Team Player

You are happy to work independently but also enjoy being an active part of a team. People enjoy working with you because of your positivity and commitment to excellence – no matter how big or small the task.
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