Why should I volunteer?

Volunteering is one of the most rewarding things you can do. It’s a great way to experience your community at the grassroots, discover your passion, and learn about how Love transforms lives through serving people!

Other benefits volunteering offers:
• Gain confidence to try something new, achieve personal goals, discover hidden talents, practice skills and build a real sense of achievement. • Opportunity to have a real and valuable positive impact on people of all ages in different communities • Enables you to meet different kinds of people from various backgrounds and make new friends. • A community and family that you will be a part of • New skills, experience and qualifications beyond what you learn at work, at school or at home • It’s fun! All our volunteers would agree that they have a great time, regardless of why they do it.

What is it like to volunteer with GG?

Some of our volunteers share:

“There are so many takeaways during my volunteering journey in GG over the years. It is not just me being available but I have been receiving so much more than I give. Just to name a few, I have learnt how to work together with a team of beautiful people who have big heart and passion. I have observed how they speak and response during the mentoring session. There was one particular orphanage where I learnt about their cheerful spirit despite their circumstance. This is a life lesson that I will not forget. I was once having public speaking phobia but through this volunteering journey, it enables me to grow to be courageous in speaking in front of a group of people”.
* Shirleen, Youth Services Volunteer

“Over the last 2 years with GG, I realized the little things that I do can actually put a big smile on someone's face. We learnt about values and through the sessions, it reminded me all the fundamental principles. There was one incident where I had to share my life experience in making decisions with a group I was mentoring. I was so touched that they found it useful and they started to share their stories too. I learnt that whatever circumstances we are at, the people around us can feel the love and willing to open to us as long as we are sincere”.
* Joyce, Youth Services Volunteer
“Throughout my journey, I really learn to be the difference in the world instead of just watching by the sidelines. The actions that I take, truly brings an impact into the lives of the community and by serving others, I come to know of how much Love transforms lives”.
* Alex, Youth Services Volunteer
For more volunteer stories see our Volunteer Journey section

May I bring a friend to a GG program to have a look?

Certainly, we always welcome new volunteers!

We will assist your friend with an online registration, volunteer orientation & signing of our volunteer code of conduct, so that we have all their volunteering details.

Don’t worry, potential volunteers have no obligation to volunteer even after going through our volunteer orientation. It’s part of our standard operation procedure (SOP) so that new/potential volunteers are ready for their on-ground experience.

May I visit a GG program before signing up as a volunteer? Or sign up as a volunteer at the program site?

No. We adhere to a Child Protection Policy (CPP); in order to ensure the safety and protection of the children we serve, GG must register, meet in person all new/potential volunteers and run our Volunteer Orientation (VO) in order to prepare them for our programs, have them understand and sign our code of conduct form. These standard operating procedures (SOPs) are also in the best interest and safety of all our volunteers so that they are aware of the laws surrounding child protection. Once you do so, you are welcome to visit and serve with us as often as you like.

Why must I go through Volunteer Orientation?

Volunteer Orientation (VO) is a compulsory session for all new or potential volunteers that are interested in GG programs. We want to ensure that you have an enriching & enjoyable volunteer experience, hence VO helps to: • identify volunteering interests • understand what your availability and commitment is like • prepare you for what to expect when volunteering on-ground • understand our code of conduct for your own safety & protection

Why can’t I publish photos of the people that I serve on social media?

We welcome you to share & inspire others with your volunteering journey. Because we have a Child Protection Policy (CPP) we ask that you kindly refrain from publicly posting pictures on social media of the children in our programs to protect their identity, location and dignity. We want to ensure that while we impact their lives positively, we are not subjecting them to any danger from online/child predators. We post regularly on our social media channels, so do follow us & feel free to share these public photos on your personal page!

After registering online, when will I get to volunteer at my chosen program?

You may begin volunteering at your chosen program the moment you’ve completed your Volunteer Orientation (VO), signed our code of conduct & agreed to a volunteer date set by our staff. Upon registration, you should receive a call from us within a month.

Feel free to email us at info@gengemilang.org

How much time do I need to volunteer?

This is up to you. Based on your interest & availability, we have volunteer opportunities for one-off events, weekdays, weekends, on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis in our communities, institutions and schools.

Some of our programs require a higher commitment level than others; our Volunteer Orientation (VO) will help to determine the best match for your schedule. For a list of our programs, view our Volunteer Opportunities section.

Can I leave if I don't like it?

Certainly. You have no obligation to continue if you feel that this is not for you. If you are dissatisfied with any of our programs or have any questions or concerns, you can raise it to the staff in charge or email info@gengemilang.org. We always welcome feedback on how we can improve your volunteer experience.

Do I need qualifications to volunteer?

There’s no formal qualification required to volunteer. Only your availability.

We will prepare you for your volunteer experience through Volunteer Orientation (VO). Some of our programs may have certain preferences (which are identified in our Volunteer Opportunities program listing) but none are compulsory apart from our REAL & GLOW program (which requires gender specific mentors).

Do I receive qualifications or awards?

We have an annual Volunteer Awards that celebrates & recognizes our volunteers for their commitment and service. They are awarded Bronze, Silver & Gold based on hours of service (a minimum of 30 hours) to acknowledge their achievement!

Will I get training?

Yes we are invested in your personal growth as a volunteer. Some of the training available includes topics like: cultivating strong facilitation & mentorship skills, how to engage children effectively, how to build healthy boundaries, make a connection & break out of your comfort zone when volunteering. We will also provide you the training & resources to lead a GG program or become a trainer if that is your interest. Just talk to one of our staff in the program you are volunteering in.

Do I get my expenses paid?

No, it is purely voluntary basis. We ensure that we appreciate and acknowledge your service through volunteer appreciation events and small personalized gifts/notes prepared by our staff throughout your volunteer journey. We hope that the relationship you cultivate with the people you serve will be a fulfilling experience for you.

How old do I have to be to volunteer?

We welcome volunteers from 13 years & above! If you are below the age of 18, we’ll require your parent/guardian to sign a consent form when you register.

Can I volunteer with my family or friends? Or volunteer as an organization/group?

Absolutely! Once every family/group member registers individually online, send us an email at info@gengemilang.org stating the full list of names of the group/family and key contact person.

We will then facilitate a group Volunteer Orientation (VO) to get all of you ready to volunteer together.

Once I start volunteering with you how I will be kept in touch with what’s going on?

Several ways:
• Our program staff will keep you updated face to face each time to volunteer at our program
• As you continue to volunteer, you’ll be updated and invited to our volunteer engagement & review sessions, as well as our appreciation events • Once you register, you’ll be subscribed to our mailing list updating you on volunteer happenings & for our upcoming events. • Visit our volunteer page & social media for the latest updates

What can I expect when I volunteer?

As a GG volunteer, you can expect a clearly defined role within our organisation. Apart from the initial Volunteer Orientation (VO) and introduction to our on-ground program, our staff will also brief you, provide on-going support, feedback and opportunities to develop your skills. We provide training (see above) if requested. We respect the knowledge and experience you bring to the role, ensure you have a voice within the organisation, and appreciate your contribution.

How can I give feedback?

You may speak with the on-ground staff in charge of the program you volunteer, email us at info@gengemilang.org. We always welcome your feedback to improve your volunteer experience.

What are my volunteering opportunities?

See Volunteer Opportunities Section

Is GG limited to a certain race/religion/nationality of volunteers?

Absolutely not! We believe that volunteering benefits everyone regardless of background. As an organization that loves Malaysia and people, we welcome everyone from all walks of life. That includes volunteers from Malaysia and abroad.

I’m a college student and I need to fulfill certain number of hours in volunteering. Am I a right fit?

Like everyone else, you’re considered a new volunteer. All you have to do is register online and we will contact you to run your Volunteer Orientation (VO). See above for more information on new volunteers.