Corporate Partnerships

How can I get my employees to volunteer?

• Identify the programs that your organization is keen on by checking out our schedule here • Get in touch with our partnerships team by emailing info@gengemilang.org

Can I get GG to run a one-day event for the community or homes? Can it be on a particular date?

We avoid running one-day events on specific dates because we believe in consistent engagement and long-term impact. To prioritise the needs of our beneficiaries, we do our best to accommodate scheduling that is most accessible to them.

Which area in GG is in need of funding the most? How can we give in that area?

There are many areas in GG that require funding and to assist your organization in identifying suitable areas to fund, we always encourage organisations to focus on the areas they are truly passionate about. This is so that they give with a purpose and understand the value of their funds to those we serve. Get in touch with our partnerships team by emailing info@gengemilang.org. We'd love to connect with you!

My organization just wants to give to GG with no area in mind.

Absolutely. Check out our page here on how to do so

I'd like to donate some goods to your organization. How should I do it? Is there a way for us to contribute our products & services to GG?

Contact us at info@gengemilang.org so that we can advise you further on where it can be best placed to meet the needs of those we serve.

Do you provide volunteer training even if we are volunteering for an external program?

Yes, we do! We run our volunteer training that are specialised based on the areas we are experienced in such as kids' engagement and facilitators and mentors training. These training sessions are chargeable depending on what you are looking at.

My organization has identified a target community to do CSR in. Can GG come in to run programs?

As much as we would love to expand our network to other communities in need with our existing programs whilst building new relationships with them, GG does not have the capacity or the resources to for such an expansion at this juncture. Investing in a community takes time and involves relationship building over the years in order to see impact as it is also essential for us to understand their needs before we identify the programs that are best for them. We also want to ensure that such projects are aligned with our vision, target groups, expertise and capacity. However, we are open to discuss this with your organisation if it is aligned with GG and if you have funds to expand GG's capacity to serve that community long term.

Can GG run programs in the schools we target in? We are willing to sponsor the school.

Yes, we can but we will need to determine if GG has already reached out to your target school in running our life skills programs. Do let us know which of the schools you already have in mind.

How much do you charge for your full volunteer training workshop?

Contact info@gengemilang.org for more information.